Fenac Experiences Connect is the largest promoter of fairs with its own pavilions in Brazil, with 60 years of experience in planning, organizing and promoting events. The company contributes to the development of several sectors of the economy through its events.

As much as we are sure of Fenac`s know-how, expertise and quality for hosting a safe fair, we need to be aware of this very difficult moment we are facing. In recent weeks, contrary to what was expected, the situation of the pandemic in Brazil has worsened considerably, and we have never come so close to a real collapse of the national public health system.

The leather-footwear sector is undergoing a delicate moment and the events sector is also experiencing many uncertainties. Every hosting of a fair and participation in it requires planning, time and commitment from everyone involved. Thus, we can ensure to make it an unique moment that generates great results. We are sure that PRESENTIAL events are essential for doing good business and our main objective is to host safe fairs that provide an excellent experience for all.

As the pandemic continues worldwide, we still have serious health problems and restrictions on national and mainly international travel, which will not allow the true prestige that FIMEC (International Fair of Leather, Chemicals, Components, Machines and Equipment for Footwear and Tanneries) should have in its 45th uninterrupted edition to be fully enjoyed. Therefore, we had to make a difficult decision.

Based on these premises, with the support of Organizations of the Sectors involved and approved by the Administrative Council, we have jointly decided to hold FIMEC only in 2022. This way, the fair will resume its activities on March 8, 9 and 10, 2022. With this change, we have the objective of having FIMEC 2022 as the greatest reunion of the leather-footwear sector in years, with the presence of thousands of visitors from all over the world.

We have confidence in the decisions made by public authorities, in the unity and good will of people. So, we can hope that soon activities will go back to normal naturally.

Counting on your understanding and support, we look forward to having you as FIMEC’s exhibitors and visitors in 2022.


Marcio Jung Marlos Schmidt

CEO President of the Administrative Council

Fenac S/A Fenac S/A