Abrameq was founded in 1992, with the mission of representing the Brazilian Industry of Machinery and Equipment for Leather, Footwear and allied products, to promote the sector’s union and development and its supportive insertion into the international market. The sector of machinery for leather and footwear in Brazil was developed primarily to meet domestic footwear and tanning industries’ needs, which especially from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s set off on conquering the international market.

Brazilian machinery manufacturers went through a period of great difficulty in the early ‘90s, when the country was abruptly opened to capital goods importation in such a way that Brazilian manufacturers had no competitiveness, mainly due to Brazil Cost. In this difficult environment, Abrameq was set up, gathering companies in the sector and actively participating in their recovering and conquest of new markets, emphatically in South America. For that, Apex played an important role, through projects importantly acting on trade promotion. Abrameq’s main aim is technological development and trade promotion of companies in the sector, consolidating domestic market and conquering the status of world-class machinery supplier.